Channel Assets

Email functionality

Agents using Omnichannel can engage with customers beyond simple one-to-one conversations on email with "CC" (Carbon Copy) and "Reply All" options. They can also forward email chats to both internal and external users using the "Forward" option.

End-users can also initiate chats over email by including other recipients in "CC" giving Omnichannel agents full visibility into all such details on the agent console.

Signature Bubbles

You can hover over a signature bubble to reveal specific information to the channel such as email ID for the email, WhatsApp number for WhatsApp, and Twitter handle for Twitter. When an agent adds a name for the customer, only that name will be displayed.
If multiple participants are involved in a message, all the participants in "From", "To", and "CC" are displayed. To quickly identify messages involving multiple participants the signature bubble for such messages shows a small "CC" badge on the bottom right corner.

Including Complete Email Chain in Replies

To allow end-users to keep track of the full conversation without having to depend on the threaded view, you can go to Admin, Settings, Other Settings, and toggle "Enable Chat History In Agent Replies".

Chat Console Recipient-based Announcements

Announcements make it easy to review a chat transcript and be informed of all lifecycle events of that chat. This includes when a new email recipient is aded or removed allowing agents to be fully aware of exactly who will be receiving their messages.
Additionally, on each individual message you can click on Preview to view the chat thread in a separate window.

Events and Rules

"Email cc" and "Email to" are variables in the payload builder of "Events and Rules" allowing for automated event fulfilment workflows based on email events. These parameters can be accessed under both "Key Value Pairs" and "Custom Payload".



  • We have a provision to auto-save the customer name and create a profile based on the information received from the email service provider.
  • There are scenarios when the underlying email gateway does not provide a sender’s name along with the email address. In such cases the email address will be duplicated in the name field when creating a customer profile for that sender.
  • All external recipients added to an email conversation (in "To", or "CC" fields) will have customer profiles automatically created for them by the system.