Channel Assets

Team Managers also have access to the functionalities of Channel Assets as described in the equivalent Admin section.

Controlling Email Recipients

In cases where administrators would like to restrict agents from being able to add new recipients to conversations, access to ‘CC’, ‘Forward’, and ‘Reply All’ options on the chat console can be controlled. Access the Chat Panel settings by going to Team manager console followed by Settings.



In certain scenarios such as when a multi-participant email is initiated by an end user, agents are still allowed to "Reply All" regardless of the settings.

In the above setting, external email IDs are those email addresses that are not registered as users within Omnichannel. If the "Allow External Email IDs" option is not checked, agents will not be allowed to add such external recipients into an email conversation.

The algorithm for threading of email conversations on Omnichannel depends heavily on the subject of an email and the primary sender/recipient when initiated. Hence, agents are not allowed to modify the "Subject" and "To" fields in an email conversation as these fields uniquely identify each email chain/thread in the system.



Automated emails sent via the unresponsive chat settings will not be threaded in the conversations.

Activating Surveys

Once a survey is configured and shared with teams, a bell notification is sent out to all the team managers / supervisors of those teams.

You can then either click on the notification or manually navigate to the survey dashboard by going to the Customer Care Console, then Settings, Manage and Surveys.

Team Manager Console - QuestionnaireTeam Manager Console - Questionnaire

Team Manager Console - Questionnaire

Team Manager Console - Asset ConfigurationTeam Manager Console - Asset Configuration

Team Manager Console - Asset Configuration

A survey can be triggered in two ways:

  • Automatically upon lifecycle events.
  • Manually by agents

As different business cases warrant different behaviours for automatic closure of chats, surveys can be explicitly enabled or disabled when chats are closed automatically by the system.



A survey configuration can be saved in a draft mode without actually activating it if you wish to activate the survey at a later point.

If a survey is configured to be triggered manually by an agent, a new action is displayed under the Actions menu on the Agent Console.

Save and Activate Survey saves and triggers a survey immediately by enabling an asset configured for the team shown on the asset configuration screen.

All Channels (Except Livechat)

Once activated, on all channels except for Livechat, the survey is delivered as a link which end users can visit and take part in the survey. The image below shows the end-user experience on Facebook messenger.

The following image displays a sample survey for all the channels except the LiveChat widget. Clicking on the link takes users to a web based survey.

Livechat Channel

Surveys on Livechat will be rendered within the channel as shown below:

While largely similar to the activation settings screen for other channels, when activating a survey on LiveChat you can also configure an additional option, to let the user take or skip a survey offered to them.
An activated survey can be disabled or paused using the toggle button on the "Asset Configuration" tab.