Chat Panel

The Chat Panel focuses on the settings and configurations for features on the Chat Console, which the agents encounter on a regular basis.

Here you will be able to configure:

  • Language
  • Chat Notification Emails
  • Message Identifier
  • Allow Free Text
  • Message Preview
  • Show Team Queue
  • Transfer Chats
  • Sound Notification
  • Hide Chat Resolution Buttons
  • Hide Agent Availability Dropdown
  • Flags
  • Browser Notification

Accessing the Chat Panel

  1. Select the desired team in the Customer Care Console [1].
  2. Click on Settings [2].
  3. Under “CONFIGURE”, select Chat Panel [3].


This is where Team Managers can customize the Chat ID terminology. This change will be reflected throughout the entire platform and in all the offline Downloadable Reports.
To make the change, enter the appropriate replacement for the Chat ID into the “Custom Terminology” text field.

Chat Notification Emails

Here you can configure email notifications in two different ways:

  • Inbound Messages Updates: Agents will receive an email notification when they are logged out of Omnichannel and a customer sends a message on a chat assigned to them.
  • Summary Update: When the current agent closes the chat, all previous chat handlers receive an email with a “Chat Summary Update”.

Message Identifier

Beneath each message sent by an agent, there is an identifier. It can be the Agent ID or their Email.

Allow Free Text

You can enable/disable free text, controlling if the agents of a team can freely communicate with customers or if they are forced to use templates. This option is disabled by default. This feature is configured on a team-by-team basis.

Show Team Queue

This feature enables you to control the visibility of the chat queue within a team. If the toggle is on, the agents are able to see the Team Queue. If it is off, they can’t, and chats will have to be auto assigned to the agents.

To automate the assignment of tasks to agents, you will need to go to Case Settings and then enable the Auto Assign Chats to Agents Option.

Sound Notification

Here you can enable/disable sound notifications for:

  • New chats.
  • New messages on existing chats.


Flags are used by agents to mark chats due to, for instance, escalation, chat prioritization or conversation outcomes. You can customize and enable/disable up to five flags.