Chat Tools

When communicating with a customer you may need to flag the conversation, leave notes, tag the conversation for analytics or invoke an action. All these tools are designed to help you compose a conversation efficiently. They can be found above the Chat Thread and in the Message Box itself.

Formatting Text

You can find basic formatting tools (bold, italic, underline) in the message box [1]. They are available for most channels (Email, Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook).

Adding Attachments

Depending on the channel, you can send attachments to your customers:

  • SMS: No Attachments Supported.
  • Twitter: No Attachments Supported.
  • Facebook: Standard Documents Types and Images.
  • Email: Standard Documents Types and Images.
  • Live Chat: Standard Documents Types and Images.
  • API: Configurable.



The maximum size for file, image or document is 1 MB.

To add an attachment:

  1. Select the Clip [1] icon in the top-left corner of the Message Box .
  2. Search and then select your preferred file from your file browser.
    The file will be loaded into the Message Box.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

To quickly access message templates, type a forward slash (/) in the Message Box. You can then select your template.

Once the correct template is selected, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Enter" to send the message.

Using Emojis

You can select an emoji by clicking on the emoji icon [1] in the top left-hand corner of the message box.
Talkdesk Omnichannel supports emojis on IE11, Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox for Facebook, Emails and Live Chat.

Flagging a Chat

You can associate a chat with five configured flags. Once you use one, the flag will appear on the chat tile under the agent’s "My Chats” queue.

To flag a chat:

  1. Click on the Flag [1] icon.
  2. Select the appropriate flag from the drop-down.

To clear flags from a chat, click on Clear Flag at the bottom of the drop-down.

Adding Internal Notes

You can leave notes attached to a chat. This is useful for reminders or to communicate vital information to other agents if the chat is transferred. When a note is made, the note icon will be signalled with a red icon and a system receipt will be left in the Chat Thread.

  1. Click on the Notes [1] icon to open the note thread.
    The icon acts as a toggle between the conversation and the internal notes.
  2. Type your message in the text box and click on ADD [2].
    These notes are visible to the Agents Admins and Managers.

Reporting Tags / Tagging a Chat

You can add tags that have been predefined for a team to a chat. These tags can be later used by Team Managers or Analysts for reporting.

To tag a chat:

  1. Select the Tag [1] icon from the Message Toolbox.
  2. Select one or more tags from the drop-down by clicking on the Add [2] icon.

The number of tags associated with the chat is displayed within the drop-down [3].

Visual Indicators of Chat Priority

To enable the agent to make appropriate decisions based on the chat priority, priority tags and escalation indicators have been added to the chat console.

The priority tag indicates the current priority of the chat while the escalation indicator shows that the chat has been escalated at least once either through an auto-escalation rule or manually by the team manager.

These priority and escalation indicators will be displayed in the team’s queue, in an agent’s “My Chats” section, and on chat console next to the chat ID, as shown below: