Dashboard - Chats Traffic

Chats Traffic focuses on the agent to customer interactions, showing the overall number of chats being handled and sorting those conversations into their statuses, allowing for a high-level overview of that team’s workload. It's divided into two sections:

  • Real-Time Chats Overview
  • List of Chats

Real-Time Chats Overview

  • Open Conversations: Total number of open chats being handled by agents.
  • Waiting in Queue: Total number of chats that haven’t been assigned to agents yet.
  • On Hold: Total number of chats that have been marked as awaiting a customer’s response.
  • Awaiting Response: Total number chats awaiting an agent’s response.

List of Chats

If you need more detail, click on one of the chat status tabs to generate a list of chats in that status [1].

Once this list is generated it does not refresh automatically, a Manager would need to refresh the list using the “Refresh” button found at the top right of the list.

Priority Management Controls

Team managers can view the chat priority and escalation indicators on the “Results” section of the dashboard.

  1. To view the escalation history of the specific chat, team managers can click on the information icon next to the priority indicators [1].
  1. A pop-up will be shown with the time of escalation and the “Escalated to” priority details.

Priority Manual Escalation

A team manager can perform manual escalations when required, to increase the chat’s priority to the next available priority level.

This manual escalation will override any auto-escalation rules up to the new escalated priority level and rules from there on will continue to apply. For instance, when the team manager escalates the chat manually by one priority from P4 to P3, the remaining two auto-escalation rules will work as configured and the chat will escalate after the predefined time frame.

To manually escalate a ticket, the team manager needs to:

  1. Access the Dashboard [1] and scroll down to the “List of Chats” section [2].
  2. From the Waiting in Queue tab, click the manual escalation indicator on the chat that you wish to escalate [3].
  3. When done, the priority on the “Current Chat Priority” will be updated and the information icon will be displayed to allow visualization of the escalation history.



The manual escalation button will not be available if a chat is on an unprioritized asset, if no rules have been configured by the admin or if all the rules have been exhausted.