Configure a Proactive Message

4.1 Onset

Here, client admin can define how to trigger an automated message. This can be achieved either by choosing Rules on Visitor Attributes [1] or Native Website Events [2].

Rules on Visitor Attributes

The client admin can define a rule in the Rules on Visitor attributes field to trigger an automated message. A contextual proactive message is triggered if the visitors (on a business page) satisfy the conditions set in the Rules on Visitor Attributes field.

Define your rules using the various "IF", "AND", and "OR" conditions and click Save Changes [3] when done.

Native Website Events

The client admin can define HTML events i.e., On Click, On Change, and On Hover to trigger a proactive message based on visitor actions on businesses page. The client admin can also pass a pay load and define rules to trigger a proactive message.

Firstly, you need to choose how to trigger the event, by either "On Click", "On Change", or "On Hover". Next, choose your element from "ID" or "Class" and enter the "Attribute Value". You then have the option to turn on passing the payload [1]. If required, enter the condition(s). When you're done, click SAVE CHANGES [2].

4.2 Construct Your Message

4.2.1. Click Construct Your Message.

4.2.2. Enter your company name in the "From" field [1].
4.2.3. You can route your response to a Team Queue, a Skill or an Individual Assignee form the "Teams" drop-down [2].
4.2.4. Select the required Team Queue / Skill / Individual Assignee.
4.2.5. Compose the message in the Message field [3].

4.2.6. Select if you you want to send the message as a Badge Notification, Portion of the Message, Full Preview of the Message, or Center Page Post.

  • Badge Notification - Displays as a silent notification. The customers have to click on the notification to view the message.
  • Portion of the Message - Displays only a portion of the message. The customers have to click on the ellipses to view the complete message.
  • Full Preview of the Message - Displays the complete message.
  • Center Page Post - Displays the message in the center of the page. Generally, this is used to provide mandatory information to the customer.

4.2.7. Click Save Message.

4.3 Qualifying Trigger

You have the following Qualifying Trigger options:

  • Working Hours - Enable this option to check the availability of the chosen team.
  • Agent Availability - Enable this option to check the presence of the agents.
  • Slots Left - Enable this option to check the agents' availability to attend the chats.

Select which options you want and hit SAVE CHANGES [5] when done.

4.4 Publish

With all configurations set, publish the message by clicking Save and Publish Changes [6].