Customer Management

As an agent, you can find all the required details and data associated with the current chat with a customer in the Customer Profile Display [1]. These details include names and unique customer IDs, as well as basic stats on a customer’s profile, associated history, and notes.

Here, you can also find a list of all the channels that the customer uses to communicate with agents and the corresponding contact details.

Customer Name and Customer ID

Both the Customer Name and Customer ID fields are editable, at any point during the chat. This means that when an existing customer reaches out from a new device or channel, you can quickly merge the new chat with the existing profile, updating that customer’s details.

Chat History

Chat History displays all the conversation transcripts that a customer will have with your company, via Talkdesk Omnichannel.

To view the previous chats created for the customer across all channels:

  1. Click on View Private Chats [1].



Chat history will also display the customers’ list of previous chat IDs.

  1. Click on the drop-down [2] to view the previous conversations chat log.

Customer Notes

Agents can add customer specific notes, which are carried across all the chats with a customer.

To add notes, enter the customer notes in the text field in the customer details section and click Add [1].

To view all the notes for the customer, click on the View History [2] link to display the notes.

Channel Data

Channel Data [1] is where you are able to find all the channel information for the customer on Talkdesk Omnichannel.

  • Email ID: Refers to the email address of the customer. A customer can have multiple email ids linked to their profile.
  • Mobile: Refers to the one or many mobile numbers that a customer uses.
  • Twitter: Refers to the Twitter handle of the customer.
  • Facebook will display the PSID: this is the unique ID that every Facebook user has attached to their account.
  • Live Chat will display a user’s given email address from the pre-chat survey as well as any other information captured from the pre-chat survey.
  • ABC User ID will provide the customers apple given opaque ID.

Other Details

When a customer comes through the Live Chat channel, an additional section is generated titled “Other Details” [1], displaying chat data and browser information.

This section displays the following details:

  • Website: The domain from which the customer initiated the chat.
  • Currently On: The webpage the customer is currently on.
  • Initiated from URL: The initial webpage where a customer opened a conversation.
  • Browser language: The set language of the browser.
  • Plus, any additional Chat Data: these items will be configured by an administrative user.

Do-Not-Disturb List

Talkdesk Omnichannel enables agents to put a customer on a Do-Not-Disturb list by clicking on DND [1] icon in the customer profile.

As an agent, you cannot send messages to a customer added to the Do-Not-Disturb list.
As for Team Managers, they can manage the list of users who have subscribed for the Do-No-Disturb services. In addition, customers can themselves subscribe for DND service by sending a message with specific keywords configured by the Team Manager.

Banning Customers

There is always a fine line between a challenging and an abusive customer. After learning the customer behavior patterns, it becomes easy to identify rude customers.
To help you deal with these customers, you can use the Ban Customer option in the drop-down of the “Do Not Disturb” icon on the chat console.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click Ban Customer [1].
  1. Fill in the “Enter Reason field” to ban a customer’s IP address [2].
  2. Confirm by selecting Ban Now.



The customer’s IP is now blocked, disabling the widget view and the “chatting with agents” function (until the ban is removed).

When a visitor is banned during a conversation, the customer is notified with a message on the widget.

In addition to the above information, we also provide the “Customer IP” address under the “Channel Data” details section on the chat console.