Chat Console

Once you have logged in as an agent, you will land on the Chat Console. You can also access it by clicking on the first icon of the navigation bar [1].

You can see five distinctive areas in the Chat Console, highlighted in the image below:


Here you can keep track of the various chats and customers, across multiple channels, both in your own queue and in the team’s queue. Each chat will be displayed as a label, with a summary of each chat such as the customer’s name, the channel's unique icon, and Chat ID.

Channel Icons

Here's a list of each channel’s unique icon.

Initiating a Chat

An agent can proactively initiate a chat with customers by clicking on the Initiate Chat [1] icon.

Chat Thread

Messages within a queue display:

  • The channel.
  • Customer details.
  • Any pending messages.
  • The time since a message has arrived in the inbox.

This enables an agent to easily identify conversations and the required chat style when communicating with customers across each channel.

Customer Profile Display

The Customer Profile Display shows all the appropriate information for the chat and any previous chats.


In this area, agents can pick existing template messages to send to customers.

Message Box

The Message Box is where you can communicate with your customers. The Message Box comes with a variety of tools depending on the channel.