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Adding and Removing Omnichannel Users

  1. Leave the Omnichannel tab and go to Talkdesk's Admin [1] section.
  2. Select the Preferences [2] tab.
  3. Scroll to “Omnichannel Settings” and click on Manage Omnichannel [3].
  1. Select the Users [4] tab.
  2. Check or uncheck the boxes of the appropriate users [5].
  3. Click on Save changes [6].



The addition or removal of users takes up to 48 hours to come into effect. You will receive an email with confirmation when it happens. You cannot add or remove more users while the platform is processing your request.

Changing the Role of a User

  1. In the Admin Console, select the Users [1] icon.
  2. Under the “Humans” tab, select the appropriate Pencil [2] icon to edit the user.
  1. Add a role if the user doesn't have one, or remove privileges by clicking on Remove privilege [3].

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