Offline Reports

Offline Reports differ slightly from the rest of the reports because you generate and schedule them. Here's the list of Offline Reports:

  • Customer Response Time
  • Template Usage Summary
  • No Response From Customer
  • Unanswered Messages by Agents
  • Sent Message Logs
  • Chats Not Created
  • Login Activity
  • Sent and Received Message Logs
  • Broadcast Logs
  • Chat Priority Logs

Scheduling a Report

  1. Select Offline Reports [1].
  2. Choose a report and click on Schedule Report [2].
  1. Confirm the schedule and add the recipients of the report.
  2. Click on Save [3].

Once the report has been scheduled, you can check the status of the requested reports by clicking on the View Requested Reports [4] button in the top-right corner. They can be downloaded once they are available.

A new offline report that captures the initial priority of chats and the escalation rules executed by the system is available for team managers.