Online Reports

Apart from the Trends Charts and the Offline Reports, the Reports section focuses on Online Reports:

  • Sent Message Logs
  • Tagged Chats
  • Agent Activity Report
  • Facebook Template Report
  • Case Outcome Logs
  • Flagged Reports
  • Platform Activity Logs
  • Events and Rules Logs

Generating and Downloading an Online Report

  1. Click on the Reports [1] icon.
  2. Select a report [2]. We have chosen Sent Message Logs as an example.
  3. Select the time frame for the report.
  4. Click on GENERATE REPORT [3] to preview it at the bottom of the page.
  5. (Optional) Click on DOWNLOAD REPORT [4] to download the report as a .xls.
    If you choose to download the report a window will pop up asking you to save the report to your computer.