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"Oops" Error

To fix the "Oops" error, it is necessary to clear the session and the cache.

  1. Log in to Talkdesk and right-click on the Omnichannel tab [1].
  2. Select Inspect [2].
  1. Click on Application [3].
  1. Once in the Application tab, click to expand the “Local Storage”, “Session Storage” and “Cookies” sections [4].
  1. Go through each item of the "Local Storage" section and remove it by right-clicking on it and selecting Clear [5].
  1. Repeat the process for the items within the "Session Storage" and "Cookies" sections [6].
  1. Then, clear the site data. Go to Clear Storage [7] and click on Clear site data [8].
  1. Logout from Talkdesk [9].
  1. Repeat the process explained in points 1 and 2, then right-click on the refresh button near the URL bar and click Empty cache and hard reload [10].
  1. To complete the process, log out from Talkdesk and log back in again.

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"Oops" Error

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