Other Settings

A Client Admin has access to a set of configurations for the account’s user settings, such as:

Auto-close Chats: Define the duration (in days) beyond which the open chats will be closed automatically.
Time Zone: Configure the Time Zone for your account here. All message time stamps and reports will display information accordingly.
Customer ID: Define the character type (Numeric/Alphanumeric) and maximum character limit for Customer ID field within a tenant.
Enable Emojis on Customer Care Executive Console: Use the toggle button to enable or disable the emojis on the Customer Care Console. When the toggle button is set to "on", the emojis will be enabled on all channels for agents.

Enable Attachments on Customer Care Executive Console: Enable this option to allow your agents to use attachments in the conversations and to configure file sizes and formats.

Email Chat Transcript: A Client Admin can enable agents to share chat transcripts across the organization via a toggle button. By default, this option is turned off for all agents.
Enable Chat History in Agent Replies: Set the toggle to “on” if you wish to send chat history in all the agent replies on the email channel.
Footer: Use the text field to set a message footer that will be visible to all of the team members.
Sentiment Analysis: Enable this toggle button to capture the sentiment in each message received.
Suppress Announcements: Use the toggle button to enable or disable announcements to be displayed in the chat conversation.
Agent Availability: Activate the feature to have the agents’ presence being automatically switched to “Unavailable” when they log out.