Regular Expressions (Regex)

Some interactions with customers can involve the sharing of sensitive information, such as credit card number or bank details. This means that anyone who has access to these interactions has access to the customer’s sensitive information.

The Regular Expression settings on Talkdesk Omnichannel enable Client Admins to detect the sensitive information and mask it from view for conversations and reports. Once activated, any exchanges which match the configured regex expression will be masked on Talkdesk Omnichannel.

Configuring a Regular Expression

  1. Click on Settings [1].
  2. Select Regular Expressions [2].
  3. Give the Regular Expression a name [3].
  4. Provide a Regular Expression to mask the matching information within the messages [4].
  5. Configure a masking schedule [5]:
  • Immediately: The item is masked as soon as the item is sent.
  • Mask Later: Allows agents to use the sensitive information and masks it as soon as the message is closed.
  1. Make sure that the “On/Off Regex Settings” toggle is on [6].
    You can turn off Regular Expression settings using this toggle.
  2. Click on SAVE CHANGES [7].