Supervising Chats

Talkdesk Omnichannel provides Team Managers and Admins with the ability to monitor, support and intervene in their agents' active chats.

Finding a Chat

  1. Select the Dashboard [1] icon in the Customer Care Console.
  2. Select Supervise Chats [2].
  3. Apply the appropriate filters [3].
    The filter system follows the conditions you define. These conditions use IF & OR rules.
  4. (Optional) Add conditions by clicking on +AND CONDITION or +OR CONDITION [4].
  5. Click on SEARCH [5].

The results will be shown at the bottom of the screen [6].

You can then transfer the chat to another agent, view the chat conversation or join the chat.

Joining a Chat

  1. Select the appropriate chat [1].
  2. Click on one of the Join Conversation [2] buttons.
    The customer will not be notified if you join the conversation.
  1. Click on the Chat Console [3] icon.
  2. Select the MY CHATS [4] tab.
    The chats that you have joined will display an icon [5].
  3. Select the appropriate chat [6].

To participate in the chat, you can either reply directly to the customer masked as the active agent ("Via Direct Message") or prompt messages to the agent without notifying the customer ("Via Internal Prompt").

  1. Click on the drop-down [7] and select the one of the two options.

Leaving a Chat

  1. Click on the drop-down [1] next to "ON HOLD".
  2. Select LEAVE CHAT [2].

Searching and Filtering Chats Using Priority

The “Priority” search option enables you to search chats by priority.

Priority and escalation indicators have also been added on the “Search for Chats” page, as shown below.

  1. Click on the search icon [1].
  2. On the “Search By” drop-down, choose “Priority” [2].
  3. Select a priority as a “Search Query” [3].
  4. Click Search [4] to visualize the chats on the “Results” section.