Talkdesk Omnichannel

Talkdesk® Omnichannel™ provides a broad set of digital channels, including email, chat, and messaging apps. Additionally, the underlying workflow engine fuels a wide variety of customized capabilities.

Why does it matter?

Digital transformation is on the rise, businesses know they need to offer customers convenient ways to contact them and maintain a consistently high level of quality regardless of the channel.

With Talkdesk Omnichannel, businesses can unify their digital service; they get a broad set of digital channels, all in one solution from one vendor.

Talkdesk Omnichannel makes it easy for agents to handle multiple channel types in one interface, reducing effort spent when context switching. Because everything is managed in one solution, administrators can easily apply routing rules across all channels and supervisors get a holistic analytics view of what’s happening in the contact center.

What are the capabilities of Talkdesk Omnichannel?

  • Digital Channels: SMS, Email, Live Chat, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS, and Apple Business Chat. Additional channel integrations are available as well.
  • Cross-channel Customer History & Reporting: Gives insight into holistic contact center performance, integrated across all channels and media types.
  • Trend Reports: They show traffic patterns and illustrate problem areas over time.
  • Pull and Push Routing Models, Skills-based or Team Routing, and Prior Agent Routing: To support flexibility in how channels and assets are handled.
  • Proactive Outbound Interactions.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate Talkdesk Omnichannel with a CRM to log activity or pull information.
  • Proactive Outbound Flows and Campaigns: Generate customizable automated messages to a group of customers.
  • Post-Interaction Surveys: Verify the quality and accuracy of the customer interaction.
  • Customized Workflows and Channels: Many other capabilities are possible.

Where can I find pricing for Talkdesk Omnichannel?

You should contact your Customer Support Manager (CSM) or Talkdesk Support.