Omnichannel allows agents to use canned responses in the form of templates. These are used to maintain consistency in the agent responses.

Once in the Chat Console, an agent can pick a template from the Templates tab on the right pane.

Templates that have been sent to the customer are marked with a check mark.

Searching Templates by Keyword

Agents can perform searches by entering keywords related to the template’s name or content.

Previewing Templates Before Loading

Agents can preview and play audio, video, or a Facebook action template within the Templates tab before the template is loaded into the message box.

Templates with Replaceable Parameters

Team Managers can create templates with replaceable parameters for agents to send personalized messages to customers. Agents can load templates into the message box and use the TAB key to advance between the editable parameters.

HSM Templates

Agents can initiate a conversation with new customers who have never reached out to the business in the past on the associated WhatsApp Longcode using Highly Structured Message (HSM) templates.

Templates with Dynamic Substitution of System Parameters in the Chat Console

Agents can use the templates with system parameters, configured by client admins/team managers, in the template body. When these templates are used in the chat conversions, the respective system parameters are dynamically replaced in the chat console.