Trend Charts

Trend Charts provide an interactive graphical representation of the current trends and behaviors related to chats, agents, and customers on the Chat Console.
You can change the time-scale represented on each graph in the top right-hand corner of the Trends page [1].

  • Total Chats Count: Total number of chats, both open and closed, in the Chat Console.
  • Agent & Customer Initiated Chat Count: Number of chats initiated by the customers and the agents.
  • Total Number of Chats per Channel: Number of chats recorded for each channel. Click on the channel on the legend to add or remove the channel from the graph.
  • Average Response Time: Average response time calculated in the Chat Console.
  • Count of Messages Sent: Total number of messages sent through each channel.
  • Count of Messages Received: Total number of messages received through each channel.
  • Top Tags Used: Five most frequently used tags in the Chat Console.
  • Average Login Time: Total and average login time of the agents in the Chat Console.