User Management Guide

Talkdesk® Omnichannel™ gives permission for Admins to manage live agents, upload bulk users, search users, and even assign roles to them on their screen.
The admin can edit, and disable the following users:

  • Administrative Users (Admin and Group Admin).
  • Customer Care (Team Manager, Live Agent, and Analyst).

Edit a Live Agent

Follow these steps to edit a live agent:

  1. Go to the “Users” icon [1], and click on Live Agents [2].
  2. Click “Edit” (pencil icon) [3] in the “Actions” column of a specific live agent.

The following screen appears:

  1. Edit the required fields.
  2. Scroll down and make all the required changes. Click Submit [4].
    The success message appears on the screen.

Disable a Live Agent

You can also disable a user's profile on Omnichannel, to prevent the user from logging into the application. With this action, the user’s profile is deactivated and can only be reactivated by the admin.



If a user’s profile is created and is not in use, the profile will be disabled as per the settings configured in the password and account policy settings.

Follow these steps to disable a live agent:

  1. Choose the “Users” icon [1], and click on Live Agents [2].
  2. Click “Disable” icon [3] in the “Actions” column of a specific live agent.

In the pop-up window, you are notified of any intelligent routing rules mapped to them, thereby allowing you to make a conscious decision on whether you should disable the routing rules or not. Proceeding with this activity will result in the deactivation of routing rules associated with them (if any). This would also ensure that chats are not routed to these virtual agents.

  1. Click Disable [4].
    The success message appears on the screen.



The following scenarios come into play when a live agent is disabled:

  • If a skill group has only one live agent assigned, then the IVR rules that assign chats to this skill/events configured in individual assignee rules will also be disabled.
  • If a skill group has multiple users under them, then the IR rule will not be disabled.

All the restrictions mentioned above are not applicable if a live agent is disabled via API (Application Programming Interface).

Re-enabling a Live Agent

Reactivating a live agent will not revoke the existing routing rules on the agent. Nevertheless, the skills configured for these agents will stay intact.

Search a Live Agent

You, as an admin, can download users from Live Agents tabs via Download All button.

Admins can even search, quickly view the required results, and download them with the help of predefined filters i.e., filter via role (administrative/customer care), or status (active/inactive), or query, or the combination of all from your list. After applying the required filter, you can click the Download Filtered button to download the results.