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Workforce Metrics

The second tab of the dashboard focuses on agent performance for selected teams (up to 20 teams can be selected).
It displays the number of agents logged in, their activity volume, and current working status for the specific teams selected.

Real-Time Workforce Overview

Split By Team

As you scroll down the page, a bart chart displays the number of agents accepting or not accepting chats by team.

If you click on the chat status legend, you will include or exclude a specific status from the bar. [1]

In addition, clicking on one of the divisions of each bar [2] generates a table covering chat information in further detail:

  • Agent Name: Name of the agent accepting or not accepting chats.
  • Agent ID (Login ID): ID of the agent accepting or not accepting chats.
  • Time in Status: Time elapsed in the same status (“Accepting Chats” or “Not Accepting Chats”).
  • Chats Created: Total number of new chats created by the agent since their last login.
  • Chats Active: Number of active chats (excluding chats on hold) being handled by the agent.
  • Chats Closed: Total number of chats closed by the agent since their last login.
  • Unique Customers Served: Total number of unique customers handled since the last login.
  • Total in Time: Total duration that the agent has been logged in (since their last login).

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Workforce Metrics

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