Working Hours

Here you can configure the business days and work hours of a team and the out of office message when customers respond out of hours.
The settings can be configured for individual days in a week or for the week in general.

To access the Working Hours page:

  1. Select the desired team in the Customer Care Console [1].
  2. Click on Settings [2].
  3. Under “CONFIGURE”, select Working Hours [3].

Automated Message

To configure an automated message:

  1. Check the Send an auto response during non-working hours box.
  2. Type in your message in the text field.
  3. Click on SAVE CHANGES.

The message will be sent to respond to a customer's messages after working hours. In addition, automatic bounce back messages will appear in the chat history and reports, so agents can see when and why a customer has reached out.

Force Turn-Off Console

When enabled, the “Force Turn-off Console” [1] forcefully shuts down Talkdesk Omnichannel for an indefinite period (e.g., holidays or other major events). If that happens, a default SMS message is sent to all the customers in response to their messages to agents of that team.